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The Power of PassTime + BlytzPay

An integrated Partnership between BlytzPay & PassTime

BlytzPay & PassTime work together to provide a unified payment experience with two-way dealer interactions, proactive engagement streamlined for at-risk customers.  This is done by combining PassTime’s GPS tracking and vehicle management with BlytzPay’s advanced payment and communication platform.

How does it work?

BlytzPay offers a way for your customers to make a payment to reenable a vehicle or stop warning tones without you or your collectors getting involved.  That means even if it's late at night or over the weekend, vehicles can be reenabled.  When a PassTime vehicle is in warning or disabled, BlytzPay will send a text notification to the customer, allowing them to make a payment.  Customers will enjoy a familiar payment process and be able to quickly take action.

If the customer successfully makes payment, per merchant terms and requirements, BlytzPay sends update code in real-time to PassTime.  The outcome is the customer no longer receives warning beep when starting the vehicle or the vehicle is reactivated and can be started as normal.

The Customer Journey

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Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 11.50.53 AM

How can we use BlytzPay with PassTime?

  1. PassTime/BlytzPay customers must be enrolled in the service.  This is often done during onboarding.
  2. The initial setup will be done with your BlytzPay implementation consultant.
    1. Set up can be customized by number of days and templates.

      image (6)
  3. Once set up, PassTime notifies BlytzPay when either a Warning goes off or the car is disabled.  This is based on real-time data passed between BlytzPay and PassTime.
  4. BlytzPay sends a text message in coordination with the event type
    1. Templates can be built and customized to corresponds to each event.The messages can be edited anytime in the "templates" section of BlytzPay.
    2. Warning example:
    3. Disable example:
  5. The customer is able to use the BlytzPay link to make a payment and BlytzPay sends update code in real-time to PassTime

    With the power of BlytzPay and PassTime, we've created a unique solution designed for dealers eager to embrace cutting-edge tools in the market. Our collaborative effort directly addresses the real challenges faced by Buy Here Pay Here customers today, providing a solution that truly makes a difference.

    Contact BlytzPay today to harness the power of PassTime & BlytzPay!

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