How can I schedule a single payment?

Our intuitive platform allows you to effortlessly plan payments for any amount leading up to your due date, providing you with flexibility and control over your finances.

Empower yourself with BlytzPay's convenient scheduling feature, allowing you to effortlessly plan payments up until the due date. Learn how to navigate this user-friendly tool for a seamless payment scheduling experience. Please note that scheduling becomes unavailable after the due date, requiring communication with your loan provider for any post-due date arrangements.


How to Schedule a Payment on BlytzPay:

  1. Access Your Invoice:

    • Click on the link provided in the communication from your loan provider.
    • Enter your secure PIN to access your invoice(s) on the BlytzPay platform.
  2. Navigate to Scheduling:

    • Once on the invoice page, locate the "Schedule Payment" button.
  3. Set Date and Amount:

    • Click on "Schedule Payment" to enter the scheduling interface.
    • Choose the desired date for your payment.
    • Enter the amount you wish to schedule.
  4. Submit Your Scheduled Payment:

    • After confirming the date and amount, click "Submit" to schedule your payment.